Shehu$tles Glamstyle was created by me a hard working mother of five hustling for my family. I started Shehu$tles because I wanted something to show appreciation for what I do daily, and that is hustle hard just like so many of you. I wanted a product I could wear like a badge of honor " like an "S" on my chest. Mothers are strong and resilient. Shehu$tles isn't just for moms its for women, young adults, teenagers, your mini's who hustle to get things done at all cost no matter the task. Making sacrifices daily for a better life.
Being a mom just turns the hustle up! Shehu$tles isnt just a lifestyle its a Glamstyle.Hustling is hard work! Why not be cute and comfortable while your doing the work!
Wear it proudly!
Thank you to those that support me! Love me! Hustle like me! And encourage me to go harder!!
With Love,
Shehu$tles "she is me"